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Efficient design, easy to use, no assembly required.

Allows rescuer to connect to and lift casualty,
release original connection and lower to safety,
without the need to cut.

Lift with up to 7:1 mechanical advantage.


- Easy and safe descent control with anti-panic function

- Adjustable anchor slings for quick and easy use with a

range of anchors

- Additional pulley to re-direct rope to change direction

or avoid a hazard

- Sturdy telescopic pole for remote connection to the

casualty using scaffold hook

- Purpose designed and built bag, slim profile with top

lifting loop to negotiate narrow structures such as

- Designed for rescue and lowering to ground

- Kit can be reconfigured for a rescue and raise with

the additional “Up” kit

Meets EN EN12278 & 12841
10.5mm EN1891 low stretch rope with sewn termination
Maximum recommended user weight 150kg
Available in 15m or 30m lengths

Quick-Save Rescue Kit

  • Specialist Training Consultants (STC) will not be held liable for products in transit, which have been damaged or lost, unless written notice is given to the courier and STC within 5 working days from date of delivery to supplied address.

    Delivery dates given by STC are a genuine forecast in the light of current conditions but are given without legal commitment and STC accepts no liability if unable to meet forecasted dates.

    Returned goods will be subject to a re-stocking charge. If products delivered are defective, STC must be informed by the Customer within 5 working days of receipt. Products should not be returned without prior agreement in writing.

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