We have been associated with the supply and maintenance of Rollgliss© since our formation in 1997. We work closely with, and are recognised by the manufacturer as the principle service agent in the UK for the entire range of Rollgliss rescue and access equipment. 

Rollgliss© Rescue Equipment


The original Rollgliss R300 was made at Galvano Wullimann AG, a metal fabricator in Selzach, Switzerland and now under licence in Germany where the R300 version is still made under the trade name of Swiss Rescue®.  Rollgliss sold the patent for the Rollgliss R350 and the trade name/mark to Protecta Ltd, now part of Capital Safety Ltd. 


Please visit our Rollgliss service or training page for more information, alternatively our contact page if you have any specific questions.


The most common service requirement is the provision of a new rope, unlike some other service agents we only use EN1891B compliant genuine flexstatic rope. We take care to unsure the Rollgliss device is returned to the customer in full working condition, fitted only with genuine manufacturers spare parts and is issued with a LOLER report and new certificate of compliance.


Note: For Northern Ireland customers, our training is registered with the CITB Construction Skills Northern Ireland.


Rollgliss R350


The R350 is the current version of the Rollgliss, the device is more flexible in its operation and also rated to 250kg or 2 persons. This version is the industry standard for access/rescue devices and is in use with fire services, rescue teams and for industrial access worldwide. Lightweight and of corrosion resistant aircraft grade aluminium construction it is both easily portable and adaptable in its application to every task. 

Rollgliss R250


Designed to retrieve and safely lower any person that has fallen and has been left suspended by their lanyard. The system is designed to enable a rescuer to release a victim remotely via the 5m telescopic pole without the need to cut a rope or lanyard, a system much preferred by the Health & Safety Executive. Available in standard working lengths of 10m, 20m or 30m, longer or specific lengths are also available.


Rollgliss tripods


The Rollgliss R350 ST in a standard 3:1 configuration; shown suspended by the Rollgliss AM100 lightweight Tripod. The Mk2 Tripod is fitted with 4 anchorage points and is rated to 500 Kg, able to take two Rollgliss units and two separate safety back-up systems / devices. 

Rollgliss R300


The original Rollgliss R300 devices are still in use well over 14 years since going out of production, they are used mainly in industry for vessel/compartment entry. 


We have been advised by the manufacturer Capital Safety Ltd, that counterfeit copies of the original Rollgliss R300 devices have been sold in the UK. If you have purchased a R300 device that is less than 10 years old, and is labelled ROLLGLISS it is most likely a copy. Please contact us if you have purchased one of these devices, so that we can offer advice.



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