Basic Ladder Safety Kit


This kit containes every thing you need to work safetly on an extension ladder. The safety rope is 10m long, longer ropes are available for taller ladders. Bespoke kits available.


Each kit contains a full body harness which comes in 3 sizes: S, M/L, XL. 


Price £169.50 excl. vat

Order code: LSK002

Roof Ladder Safety Kit


This kit contains the same items as our basic but also includes all the extra equipment nesessary to work from a roof ladder. Bespoke kits available.


It is advisable to use a ladder stabilising device such as the Microlite in conjuction with this kit.


Price £200.50 excl. vat

Order code: LSK001

Harness size chart

Wall Anchor Kits

Our wall anchor kits are supplied with every Ladder Safety Kit and are also available as spares

  • 2 x reuseable wall anchor eyebolts
  • 8mm SDS drill bit
  • instructions
  • directly into wood, brick, concrete and steel
  • minimal damage to structure


Price £4.50 excl. vat

Order code: LSK012

Ladder Stabilisers



Microlite Ladder Stabiliser


Industry standard and essential whilst working on roof ladders


Microlite make several variations suitable for wall positioning, under window locations and with a bracket for pole use.



Microlite Compact Ladder Stabiliser


Designed to work against a wall or beneath a window




Microlite Lighting Collar


Designed to provide a stable and secure placement against a pole or mast






Laddermate stabiliser


Designed to secure the ladder and prevent backwards movement, it provides an optimum angle regardless of the extended height.




Ladderfix safety base


Provides a slip resistant surface to level the ladder








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