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The Ninja MultiAscend is engineered to provide increased efficiency in a range of applications. The dual cam design enables the MultiAscend to act as both a chest ascender as well as a full point of attachment. The innovative dual-stage locking swingplate ensures consistent engagement with the rope, preventing unwanted detachments. In addition, the external release triggers make adjusting the Ninja MultiAscend safe and easy when used as an ascender or a progress capture device on a safety line. Compatible with rope diameters 9-13mm per EN567:2013 Compatible with rope diameters 11-13mm per EN12841:2006 Type B Max Rated Load: 140kg

Harken Ninja MultiAscend

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  • Weight (g) 272 g
    Maximum rated load (kg) 140 kg
    Width (mm) 76 mm
    Width (in) 3 in
    Height (mm) 121 mm
    Height (in) 4 3/4 in
    Weight (lb) 0.6 lb
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