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We deliver a range of Technical Rescue & Industrial Safety services, from training to sales & consultancy.

Here are a few highlights.

Norway Rescue Workshop

The Norway workshop 2020 was the first of hopefully many professional development sessions for qualified rescue technicians. The workshop was designed to fill the development gap between the usual three yearly requalification cycles as well as provide a platform for like minded technicians to share knowledge in an exciting and extreme environment. The workshop was based in Rjukan, Norway, a deep valley steeped in ice falls and history. Rjukan is the site of the famous Norwegian resistance sabotage of the Vemork Norsk Hydro plant during the Second World War where the Nazis were producing heavy water to be used in the manufacture of an atomic bomb.

Founding Member - ITRA

We are pleased to announce that we are the first International Technical Rescue Association member company in the UK with the first approved trainers ready to deliver a range of ITRA Rope Rescue programmes. ITRA is the global recognition professional rescuers deserve. Our training Director was a member of the founding steering committee and has been developing the rope rescue elements of the new qualification structure.

Incident Management - MHRA

We were approached by one of our existing customers to provide a consultancy and training package consisting of a review of current practice in the event of a major incident at a complex site. The customer has identified a gap between the incident occurring and business continuity kicking in, the dynamic management of incidents. Using current best practice a model similar to that of the UK fire and rescue service was adopted following all of the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles. The delivery consisted of policy as well as design and manufacture of a set of incident command tabards including commander, command support and advisors such as radiological and scientific. Suitable staff are nominated for an introductory “Incident Command Foundation” course before embarking on a process of table top and simulated exercises.

Technical Rescue Team - Hornsea Project One

We were approached by an organisation who had a major cable lay and pull in operation planned for the Hornsea One Offshore Windfarm. Due to its 150km offshore location safety and rescue was highlighted as a top priority, an enhanced level of emergency response was identified. We were responsible for the development of rescue plans and equipment selection as well as procurement for a technical rescue team working 28 day rotations offshore alongside the riggers. Our role included the selection and training of individuals to join our offshore technical rescue team to support operations in the transition piece for a campaign during summer 2018 and again in winter early 2019. The team underwent additional rope rescue technician training and first aid training to work alongside the ships medic to provide the highest level of care and casualty extraction possible.

North Star - Royal Caribbean

We worked with Royal Caribbean’s technical staff doing numerous calculations of vectors, forces and guest weights to establish a safe system of work. This system is based on a traditional Tyrolean traverse, and uses two Dyneema® cables that are housed in a channel running along the North Star’s arm. These release from the channel when pulled from the deck, and can then be tied off and tensioned. The Dyneema® lines include hauling lines to enable crew to bring passengers back to the deck even if the North Star is fully extended horizontally out towards the sea. To our knowledge this is the first time specialist Dyneema® cables have been used in this way.

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