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The BOOST is a highly adjustable foot loop developed for rope access operations and rescue techniques. It is strong, compact, and easy to use, making it a versatile tool for moving on rope, hauling loads, and performing pick-offs.


BOOST features low profile webbing, smooth adjuster buckles, and an easy one-handed foot closure system. Adjustable from 92 - 144 CM, BOOST can be optimally sized to fit the technician and their current task. The length is controlled by a custom-designed buckle that balances high holding strength with ease of adjustability. At the base of the foot loop is a durable and collapsible stiffener that assists with foot entry and exit. The elastic foot closure system can be tightened or loosened with one hand. It stays in place when working on rope, aiding, or walking on the ground.


BOOST is built with dedicated rescue functionality. Each component is selected for its high strength to withstand the forces generated during pick-offs. The BOOST’s large adjustment range supports a variety of suspended rescue techniques and raising systems. The length can be quickly increased using the custom adjuster buckle, allowing for rapid transitions from ascent to rescue. Low friction Dyneema webbing provides a high degree of efficiency in M/A systems, which is especially useful in combination with carabiners or other hardware. The webbing is also pulley-compatible and its compact size enables clean operations and quick stowage.




  • Highly adjustable, compact foot loop with dedicated rescue functionality.
  • Smooth custom aluminium buckle adjusts length from 92 - 144 CM.
  • Low friction, high strength Dyneema webbing facilitates rescue pick-offs.
  • Easy one-handed closure system securely fastens to footwear.
  • Durable and collapsible foot loop stiffener assists with entry and exit.
  • Adjustable and removable keeper tightens web around carabiners.
  • Pulley-compatible for building efficient mechanical advantage systems.
  • Lightweight and low profile for clean operations and quick stowage.


Meet the Boost, watch the video.


“What I really like about the BOOST is its adjustability. I can use the smooth aluminium buckle to quickly set the BOOST to a nice length for rescues. The Dyneema webbing is low friction so it creates a great lifting system using carabiners or pulleys. I also like the variable foot strap that fits a wide range of sizes, even my size 13 boots. For advanced users in rope access, the BOOST is going to be the foot loop everyone will want.”


-Matt Waskiewicz, Director of Fall Line Industrial, SPRAT & IRATA Instructor

CMC Boost Footloop

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