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CAPTO is an intuitive device that combines a multi-functional rope grab, high-efficiency pulley, and integrated becket for easy hauling and ascending. Built around an innovative V-groove Cam, CAPTO is designed to handle rescue loads while providing force-limiting overload protection. CAPTO in the UK is available in grey for 10.5-11 mm. The CAPTO is certified to EN 12841:2006/B (200 kg – two-person rescue load rating), EN 567:2013, and EN 12278:2007 (36 kN).


Compact, versatile, and easy to use, CAPTO is well-suited to a multitude of technical applications in personal and team-based systems for rescue and rope access. It replaces multiple devices in one, streamlining training and operations. Through its combination of features and built-in force-limiting capabilities, CAPTO provides technicians with a greater degree of safety and efficiency for hauling and ascending.


More about CAPTO


CAPTO installs quickly and easily on tensioned and un-tensioned lines, and is designed to be used one-handed. The double-action side plate protects against accidental opening and moves the cam out of the rope path to facilitate rigging. Both the rope grab and pulley are immediately accessible, making it possible to build a 3:1 haul system in a single motion without using knots, hitches, or additional equipment. Compared to a traditional 3:1 involving a rope grab, pulley, and carabiner; CAPTO is faster to install, lighter weight, and half the length. Its compact size maximizes the haul field and reduces the number of resets. Adding more mechanical advantage is simple and straightforward. CAPTO smoothly progresses from a 3:1 to a 5:1, and works well in combination with piggy back systems and additional CAPTOs.


CAPTO components are adequately spaced to prevent ropes from rubbing against each other. The pulley is highly efficient (91% raising efficiency with 11mm rope) and made for long-lasting durability. The becket is integrated directly into the pulley to promote clean rigging and efficient hauling and ascending. As an independent attachment point, the becket is ideal for attaching mechanical advantage components, lanyards, foot loops, and retention systems to prevent dropping the device. CAPTO also has a hollow cam axle (3.9 mm diameter) for installing an accessory loop to support remote resets and device stowage. CMC offers a CAPTO Soft Shackle accessory that is strong, durable, and specifically sized for this purpose (sold separately).


A key feature of the CAPTO is its force-limiting V-groove Cam. The V-Groove Cam is designed to safely dissipate energy in overload situations to protect the rope system. When a load-limiting event occurs, the V-groove Cam will reliably slip to alert the haul team of an issue. Upon inspection and identification of the cause, operations should be able to resume if deemed appropriate. The V-groove Cam is also gentle on rope, making it ideal for hauling heavy loads, taking up slack, or repeatedly ascending and downclimbing. The V-groove Cam can be held open by pushing on the thumb grip, making it easy to collapse haul systems and adjust position. It runs along the rope with minimal friction, allowing CAPTO to travel down towards the load in vertical environments. Watch the Meet the CAPTO video for more information.




  • Combines a rope grab, pulley, and becket in a compact device for hauling & ascending.
  • Incorporates a force-limiting V-groove Cam designed to provide overload protection.
  • Installs quickly on tensioned and un-tensioned lines, no need for knots or hitches.
  • Opens one-handed and gives simultaneous access to components for rapid rigging.
  • Builds efficient M/A systems and smoothly progresses from a 3:1 to a 5:1 M/A.
  • Releases and resets easily, even after high loading, making it ideal for rescues.
  • Travels down rope in vertical systems, resetting and maximizing the haul field.
  • Allows installation of an accessory loop for remote resets and device stowage.
  • Provides an integrated becket for M/A components, lanyards, and foot loops.
  • Works well in combination with piggy back systems and additional CAPTOs.
  • Replaces multiple devices in one, streamlining training and operations.
  • Patented. Made in the USA.




  • Multi-functional rope grab with a force-limiting V-groove Cam
  • High-efficiency, 44.5 mm diameter sheave pulley
  • Integrated becket independent from rope loading / unloading
  • Moving sideplate with double-action release button
  • Hollow cam axle for accessory loop installation
  • Ridged Cam Grip for one-handed device positioning




  • CAPTO 11 mm Gray:
    • CE
      • EN 12841:2006/B; 200 kg, Ø 10.5-11 mm
      • EN 567:2013; Ø 10.5-11 mm
      • EN 12278:2007; 36 kN (18+18)*, Ø 13mm MAX


*Pulley strength testing performed by using CAPTO Becket as Pulley Attachment Point.


CMC Capto

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